Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take Hops Hash?
Our Hops Hash smoke can be mixed with other herbs, piped, or spotted. Hops hash can also be taken orally, however taking orally you need a much larger dose.

How much do I need to take?
Usually 3 � 5 spots is sufficient for most people. Not recommended for people suffering from depressive illness, or pregnant mothers.

What are the effects?
Hops Hash is a powerful sedative and hypnotic.

Is this legal in my country?
As far as we are aware this product is legal everywhere, however if you are unsure, please check with your local authorities before ordering.

Where and how is this made?
Hops resin is collected from the hops harvesting machinery. The resin is scraped off the blades and dried to produce Hops Hash. Hops Hash is made in New Zealand from Hops grown in Nelson.

A pile of raw Hops Hash after drying

How long does it take to get my order?
Most orders are shipped world wide within 24 hrs of placing the order. The item will arrive discrete in an envelope with no mention of the contents. Delivery is generally 5-10 days. Rest assured that we are very discreet with our shipping, and do all we can to get you your item as quick as possible.

How do I pay?
The quickest method is credit-card, however we also accept other methods, like bank transfer. You will be given a selection of payment methods on checkout.

Got this for my boy friend his birthday went off like a treat

OMG Im so stoned right now! Thanks HOPS HASH!!!

Hey I really love the effects of this hops hash, kinda very dreamy!

Thanks for the speedy delivery, and great product, much appreciated.

Nice head rush! Its great to be able to smoke something thats legal

Good when I just want to chillax, makes me sleep like a baby.

I really love sex when im stoned on hops hash, such a great experience

I would like to buy some more, this time ill take the 60g pack!

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